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Hello, and welcome on RPAM AquaTerra.

RPAM has been founded by the association of two french breeders : Romain PROUET and Alexis MICHAUX.

Basically, we created RPAM AquaTerra to make a very reliable information center.

We are used to breeding invertebrates like millipedes, crabs, stick insects, arachnids...

My name is Alexis, I'm responsible for english section. I do offer an assistance for people who don't speak french and for those who want to buy animals in our country.

Most of the french services about sales and breeding do not include any english section.

You are looking for certain species?
You want to get more information about certain breedings?
You want to give us help?
You would like to communicate with french breeders who don't speak english?

You are at the right place! I am graduated from Cambridge Advanced Use of English diploma.

I will give you assistance, and this service is free of charge.

If your intersted in these services, you just have to contact me:

Anyway, you still can use our website and services transposed for english-speaking people.

Thank you very much!
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